Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Teachers & Locations for Kuntao Silat Training

Uncle has recently posted an entry on silat.tv where kuntao silat training may be obtained through those that teach his system of martial arts.  Here is the post: http://www.silat.tv/group/kuntaosilatdethouars/forum/topics/the-pride-of-a-teacher

  I am glad to end, by making Guadalajara my main Headquarter, and the one here in Northglenn. The others are very important Centers where I opperate and conduct kun tao and silat farms. Especially geared to progress Hakka kuen kun tao silat and Ci mande silat the Deerns lineage.
   Things keeps me most strongly busy, and nearing 77 years in January, my life becomes even better. It keeps me going, for me not having to hide behind the pants of students - I am in charge, I am a martial arts leader and will act accordingly.
    My pride and joy is as a true venture lays in Guadalajara; I am very proud to lead and guide a special group, as nowhere else can be found. The folks there under sigung Mario Rainero, is my successor for South America and Mexico and others in the kun tao school there, are a continuation of all my previous attempts. They all become successors after Mario, and in my book they are the best of the best. Training with actually physically endorsing combat with empty handed training, is all part of the daily practice. Martial arts without actually physically intuned with the actions of combat is not martial arts. Mexico is still free as a country where people fight for the sake of fighting. Blades and in particular the karambit is the best weapon practiced by choice in my kun tao school - other blades, like the short and long blades to even up to swords are practiced to roam freely in my dusty and happy trails.
    My headquarter here in Northglenn is under sigung Marcelo Rainero, where I teach every Sunday our original ways in training. It is strictly private. I feel there the most at home here in the state of Colorado. With guru Keith Moffet, he has run his Kun Lun Pai for several years, successfully. His training in the school is different, he does many things to stay in business. Also with my praise for still practicing our art, but beside, also includes physicality in a well rounded gym, for people to come and train with weights. Unfortunate I have only time to teach in my Headquarter, in Northglenn. There are other schools here in Colorado where our art is practiced and taught - under Bob Austin in Fort Collins; Steward Lauper has three large schools in Denver - they also train people in my system. Guru Joe Jud, trains a group in Chicago, Ill.
My longest disicple for over 40 years, has a school in his basement (like my headquarter in Northglenn) and is also a leader of a school in Denver - led by Bryant Earnest, also one of my trained instructors.
   When it comes to Boston, in Mass, are two training centers I conduct teaching my arts. They are under Don Ethan Miller, in Acton and under May and mike Williams in Salem. They are one of my finest in that region and also a special well accomplished kun tao instructor, sigung Westly Tasker.
   In Florida is only one well trained instructor, (a disciple), sigung Chuck Stahman. In the state of Tenn, in Maryville is one of my fine internal instructors, a long follower, sigung Richard Clear.
    In Baton Rouge, Louisiana is the well outstanding guru Trent Beach, a true and dedicated instructor in kun tao silat. In Texas, in Laredo a family associate Professor Paul Buirton.
    In Santa Monica, Calif are two of my outstanding kun tao instructors - the sigungs Ray Roblos anbd Mathew Cowan. Going to Canada, in Montreal is another fine long outstanding disciple, sigung Randell Goodwin.
    For Hawaii are two formidable leaders, Behati Mershant and Dana Matos. For two countries in Scandinavia, are also my training centers in Stockholm, under leadership of Michael Marlow and in Norway, in Oslo under Jimmy Boharfa. In Norkoping another trained leader, Lennart Olson, in Norkoping.
    In South New Zealand is Shinicci Jason teaching people. In Tokyo his brother, another Shinicchi.
Through all of them, who keeps me busy training and teaching, is no need for me to go to other countries in Europe - several of the instructors from others organizations come to attend my seminars in Scandinavia or here in America.  There are other friends for quite some years, they are on all four corners of the world - who are actually far distance followers of my art. Even in Manila, the Philipinnes are our kun tao practiced and the Imua shantung. In my art under Jimmy Boharfa.
   They are always free to come and to find out if I know something about the martial arts. There is another training Center for my family gathering is with Sam Edwards and Frank Broadhead and James Painter. It is a total different environment of training with many spices. Is in Truckee, (Reno Nev) or Northern California. It is the headquarter for the Sierra Nevada internal arts, and Eureka Productions.
   In San Francisco, Northern California another distinguished instructor, Dr Conrad Bui, and for other places in regard of my system - need to look up my current list of teachers.
To all who are my followers and friends who bought my book, through Amazone or the Eureka productions, my most sincere thanks and for all who had introduced my book.
My prime and main object for teaching and sharing my skills, remain in Hakka kuen kun tao and in Cimande tulen silat. It is my special reason to stay within the boundaries of my limitations and not to exceed. There is much for me to consider for staying only with my martial extended families - it is a large group of people and loyal as followers. May we all prosper in wealth and in health in the New Year, bapak willem de thouars.

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